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    The inclusion of caps, multiples and priorities (each discussed below) in structuring liquidation preferences can “reallocate the pie” such that the proceeds of an exit event are distributed differently than the as-converted ownership percentages would imply and/or can indirectly change the effective pre-money valuation being assigned to the company from the perspective of founders and other common stock holders.

    As such, founders and VC investors should pay careful attention to how liquidation preferences are structured when negotiating the terms of a VC financing.

    R first reduces his ,000 outside basis by the ,000 cash distribution.

    His remaining ,000 of basis in his LLC interest becomes his basis in the distributed real property (Sec. Z does not recognize any gain on the distribution although the FMV of the property R receives (,000) exceeds its ,000 Example 2.

    However, liquidation preferences are also intended to determine the distribution of proceeds of exit transactions that are not liquidation events such as a merger, stock sale, share exchange or asset sale.

    Accordingly, liquidation preference provisions usually define these types of change-of-control transactions as “deemed” liquidation events to which the liquidation preference applies.

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    For these purposes, a liquidation event can be either a bankruptcy, a dissolution or a sale of the business.Upon complete liquidation of a limited liability company (LLC) classified as a partnership, a distributee member generally does not recognize gain unless the cash and the fair market value (FMV) of marketable securities distributed exceed the outside basis in his or her LLC interest (Secs. (Note that this column addresses the complete liquidation of an LLC as opposed to liquidation payments made to a retiring member or a deceased member's successor in interest.) Likewise, no gain or loss is recognized by the LLC on a liquidating distribution (Sec. These general rules regarding gain or loss on liquidation are a major reason for formation as an LLC rather than as a corporation.While both entities provide owners with protection from liability, a corporation and its shareholders generally must both recognize gain or loss on liquidation. 731(a)(1) when a member receives marketable securities that are treated as money in excess of the member's basis in his or her LLC interest (see Sec. In addition, gain may be recognized if (1) distributions of Sec.CONTRIBUTED BYAnthony [email protected] installment of our series Understanding VC Financing examines liquidation preferences.Along with dividend rights, conversion rights, and anti‑dilution provisions, liquidation preferences are an essential economic term of the preferred stock typically sold in a VC financing.

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